Spring Cleaning - Releasing What Isn't Serving You

By: Marla Tenney Wednesday April 1, 2020 comments

Wow, what a crazy time we are currently experiencing! 

I have been contemplating how interesting it is that all this focus on cleaning happens to coincide with the time-honored tradition of Spring Cleaning.  Every year during this time, many people across the country begin cleaning out their closets and garages, shaking out the throw rugs, sweeping, vacuuming and other deep cleaning.  This year, rather than just shuffling a few things around in the attic or finding a new home for your used Christmas decorations, we are all being super diligent in cleaning EVERYTHING due to the pandemic spread of a dangerous and super highly-contagious novel virus, COVID-19.

In addition to the physical cleaning we are all participating in, many of us also have been given the opportunity of additional time that may give you the opportunity to do some cleaning that will better change your entire life.

This year, it’s time to get rid of those things that aren’t serving you well in your life. This can be a number of things and they don’t all have to be tangible. Let’s look at three.




With many of us having to be much more intentional with shopping for and preparing our food, it is also a good time to start looking at the foods you have typically been eating that aren’t serving your best interests. If you have been feeling bloated, in a fog about things mentally, or just having general digestive issues, then it may be time to clean out the foods that are causing these problems.

Removing gluten and processed sugars are just two of the ways that people have been able to reclaim their lives by releasing foods that are negatively impacting them. This is a good opportunity to examine your diet and decide which foods are not serving you properly.

If you would like some guidance about immune-boosting and a dietary lifestyle that will nourish you mind, body and spirit, consider scheduling a Nutrition Counseling or Wellness Coaching, both of these are new appointment types being offered at Shakti Whole Health.



Every year, I’m betting that part of your spring-cleaning tradition is to reorganize your bags (luggage, grocery bags, etc.) that have been piling up since last March or April. But this year, it’s time to look at the emotional baggage you’ve been holding onto for too long.

These negative emotions can be feelings of anger towards someone who has slighted you or feelings of guilt you are hanging onto yourself. They can be emotional traps such as sadness and depression that just make you sink lower.

It is time to release these as they are not serving your needs. Part of this can be attained through guided meditation and mindfulness training. Another new concept that can help is voice remapping as part of Evox therapy.



Our recent practices of quarantine and social distancing may present a good opportunity to examine another source of potential toxicity in your life; the people around you. Negative people will often hold you back from attaining all the positive things you’re meant to reach in your life.

This one can be incredibly difficult, but it may be time to cut some of this negativity out of your life. We aren’t saying abandon all your friends. But look closely at those who are such negative influences that they are not letting you reach your potential.

When we have passed through these difficult times, consider who you want to hold space in your life.  If you have someone that hasn’t been contributing to your personal peace and wellbeing, have an open and frank conversation with them. If they are true friends, they should understand this and work to help you.


Let Go So You Can Let in the Good

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be just about cleaning out your closets. It can also involve a physical, mental, and spiritual reevaluation of your life. Just like you may throw out old clothes that don’t fit anymore, this can also be a time to release those things in your life that are holding you back.

Marla Tenney

About the Author: Marla Tenney

Marla is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and the owner of Shakti Whole Health.