The (Weight) Struggle is Real

Monday June 3, 2019 comments

Summer is here, and so is the struggle to get into shape for all of those fun outdoor parties with friends and family. But, it can seem that the very activities you’ll want to enjoy will sidetrack your efforts for staying fit and healthy.

While the desire to look your best is often a motivating factor, it is important to remember that your weight is only a number and a single data point when considering your overall health and vitality.  I have been there my friend, worrying about how I would look in a swimsuit for a Mexican vacation was the catalyst that started me on my nutrition and wellness journey!  Instead of focusing only on your weight or your outward appearance, try to take a holistic approach to your health and make a decision to do better so you can FEEL better.  Typically, when you bring your body back into balance it will naturally regulate your weight and you will often see an improvement in that one data point as well as several other important health markers. Increased energy, restful sleep, improved digestion, better mood, and often weight loss are the typical side affects that come along with following a clean, healthy eating plan! 

Below are some tips to help you navigate those fun summer festivities while making healthy choices.


Your Wellness Journey Begins with a Cleanse

In order to see and feel significant changes in your health, it is likely to take significant changes in your routines and habits.  The best way to do this is a concentrated effort of eliminating the common toxins in your diet that contribute to inflammation and weight gain.  This will give your detoxification systems a chance to catch up on the toxic load and begin to put your body back into balance.

I recommend a three-week cleanse and here’s why. Losing weight in two or three days is merely water you’re losing, and you will gain it back right away. Losing too much weight too quickly can be dangerous to your health!

The first week of a cleanse is used for preparation. To prepare, you’ll want to begin weaning yourself off caffeine, alcohol, and coffee. Because eliminating these substances can cause migraines or other uncomfortable detoxification effects, it’s best that you monitor and take in less and less of the drinks you usually rely on for energy. It’s very important that you increase your water intake during this time.

The second week consists of detoxing. At this point, you have eliminated all caffeine, alcohol, and coffee to replace them with water. You are now avoiding processed foods and adding in lots of fruits and vegetables.

Week three of the cleanse should be much easier. By now, you should have worked through many of the uncomfortable detoxification symptoms and be experiencing much more energy. This is when you add exercise to the clean eating you’re doing.

Simple Eating Tips to Maintain Your Healthy Focus

Now that you’ve cleansed your body to bring it back into balance, you’ll need to maintain that focus in order to continue seeing positive results in your energy, sleep, digestion, and yes, your weight and body shape too! Besides drinking LOTS of water to stay hydrated and keep cravings for unhealthy foods at bay, here are three quick tips you can take with you wherever you go:

  • Ditch the Grains – Leave bloat behind and choose more nutrient dense food options.
  • Half your plate should be non-starchy veggies
  • Choose protein options at breakfast to keep your blood sugar stable and keep cravings away.


BBQ’s and Summer Parties

You’ve probably heard the adage, “I can resist everything but temptation.” That will seem very true as you attend parties. You may be knocking it out of the ballpark in discipline with food and exercise but as soon as you hit a barbeque, the smells alone will seemingly add weight to your waistline. Who can resist?

Let’s take a look at the food options. Typically barbeques and summer parties will have grilled food options, such as chicken, hamburgers, and sometimes shrimp. These can be good options, especially if you’re careful about minimizing or eliminating the sauces and breads. Looking for a healthy and delicious recipe for the grill? Check out this recipe for Grilled Zucchini Rolls!

Usually you can find fruit and vegetable options, such as a veggie tray, watermelon, strawberries or salad. All really good options to fill up your plate.

Finally, deviled eggs may seem like a bad idea but compared to brownies or other treats you may be tempted to eat, they’re a better option especially if they’re made using healthy oils. You can always opt to bring something with you to a party you’ve been invited to and then you can make the healthy deviled eggs!


Don’t Let Vacationing Derail Your Clean Eating

For many of us, vacation is synonymous with “Eat Delicious Forbidden Food in Different Locations.” This can make sticking to healthy food options difficult.

Remember that you’ve come this far with your cleanse, and to maintain your positive results, you will need to stay committed. That’s not to say you can’t have any fun while on your vacation. These days, so many people are on alternative diets that you can find vegetarian-, paleo-, gluten-free-, or Mediterranean-diet friendly restaurants and menus across the globe.

If you do decide to indulge, enjoy it!  Then you can pick right back up with your healthy choices at your next meal.

Get Personalized Support from a Certified Nutritional Therapist

Would you like help getting ready for warmer weather activities and summer fun? Get personalized support from someone who knows the struggle and is a certified nutritional therapist. If you have particular health issues that you would like addressed to help you achieve success, book a free consultation now!