How Emotions Impact Your Health

By: Marla Tenney Monday February 3, 2020 comments


For years, experts have maintained there is a direct relationship between emotional well-being and physical health. If you think about major life events—the birth of a new child, the death of a loved one, buying a new home—all of these can lead to changes in your body.

Even happy events, such as welcoming a new addition to the family, can increase our blood pressure or cause us to worry. The main thing to do is to understand how your health is impacted by these emotions so we can alleviate their impact.

  • Mind-Body Coaching — One way of dealing with the toll our emotions may have on our health is with mind-body coaching. This type of coaching works under the premise that any significant change in our lives, be it something positive or a stressor which can harm you, has a mental and a physical connection. Therefore, if we work at healing the mental aspect, we can balance the physical side and alleviate some of our health problems. A mind-body coaching session walks through techniques for how to meditate and reflect on our mental and emotional blocks so we can help achieve this balance.


  • Movement/YogaYoga has been utilized for years to help people with physical movement and flexibility. But if you have ever completed a yoga session, you can also attest to the fact that yoga can help with an emotional release. Those who practice yogic breathing and vocalization during the session have reported an emotional release which is almost like a personal catharsis. By releasing the tensions and stresses that have been building up inside of us, we can also help to heal ourselves physically.

There is most definitely a connection between our emotions and our physical well-being. In order to help treat these emotional problems, we can turn to a variety of techniques which will not only help us emotionally, but physically as well.

Marla Tenney

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