Beat Back-to-School Germs at Their Own Game

Sunday September 1, 2019 comments

School is back in session (or getting there for some parts of the country) and the one thing that many moms dread about this, is the number of germs to which their kids are exposed. Runny noses, colds, and flu viruses abound. When your child is exposed to these germs, it puts a strain on your whole family, as it can end up getting passed around from person to person. While many people think this is just a normal part of life, it actually is not supposed to be this way.  This year take some time to boost your immune system so you can beat germs at their own game.

Things that Weaken the Immune System
There are lots of things that can hinder your immune system from doing its job. You’ve probably heard of some of the common ones—nicotine, alcohol, and a lack of a proper diet.

In addition, stress levels can play a major role in staying healthy with your immune system intact. But you may not also realize the level that emotions play. Grief, loneliness, and depression can also hamper your immune system.

Another shocker may be exercise. While exercise and general good health may improve your immune system up to a point, too much exercise can put an excessive strain on your body and cause your immune system to weaken.

What Happens to Your Immune System When You’re Sick

If you’re a fairly healthy individual, your immune system is pretty straightforward. White blood cells travel throughout your body and look for any viruses or pathogens that may be a danger to you. When they locate one, they create antibodies that help fight this intruder. It will generally try to do this before the problem gets worse by the virus replicating and spreading. If it can get shut down early, you may not even realize it. But, if your immune system is weakened, then you’re open to germs that can be hard to fight.

Why OTC Immune Boosters Aren’t the Best Option

In recent years, over-the-counter immunity boosters have become popular, but many of them have been questioned as to whether or not they really help. One such booster, Airborne, even got in trouble with the FTC for making unproven claims. The manufacturer claimed that Airborne was a miracle drug that could stop colds.

It couldn’t necessarily stop a cold but could possibly ease a cold’s symptoms. Now, it’s marketed as an “immunity booster.” But the evidence is still questionable as to whether it (or any OTC boosters) boosts immunity any more than a standard multi-vitamin. Additionally, these can be problematic because they contain Genetically Modified ingredients, as well as preservatives and artificial sweeteners that can actually harm you.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Instead of using chemicals and artificial products to boost your immune system, you can look at three areas that can do this naturally. Essential oils such as lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary can be used in a diffuser to help your system. You can also take natural herbal supplements, especially astragalus, echinacea, and oregano. Finally, you should also consider changing your diet to include immunity boosting foods such as garlic, spinach, yogurt, citrus fruits, and dark chocolate. Check out a great immune boosting recipe in our new recipe blog section!

If you are worried about what germs your kids are going to bring back home, now might be a good time to start working on your immune system to give it a natural, healthy boost. That way, this school year, you can know that you and your family have a little more protection against those illnesses lurking out there.