Saturday September 16, 2017 comments

5 Simple Steps to Stay Healthy This Season


Don't you just hate wasting your sick days actually being sick? I refuse to let you go down like that - you have way too much light to offer the world to surrender your precious days to the latest virus. Here are 5 simple steps you can take this season to make sure the seasonal crud doesn't drag you down.

  1. Sleep. The shorter, cooler days are actually part of the energetic plan. They are meant to help you honor the seasonal flow: autumn is the beginning of a natural cycle of rest and going inward. When we act counter to this universal current, we put ourselves in a super-depleted, vulnerable state. Sleep is not optional. During precious shut-eye, our bodies detoxify, our hormones balance, and our stress integrates, all absolutely critical for maintaining a healthy immune system. Here's a good question to determine if you are getting enough sleep: If you had a magic wand, how many hours of sleep would you grant yourself each night? If you are getting less than that, you aren't sleeping enough, AND your body is paying the price.
  2. Eat. Fall and winter are not the time to be depriving yourself of the seasonal foods that the body has adapted to over millennia. Think about what fall signifies: harvest, warmth, coziness. Hearty stews, warming soups, grounding root veggies. Our bodies naturally crave this nourishment because the nutrients these foods provide keep our bodies and immune systems strong as the weather gets colder.
  3. Drink. Pure clean water. This is your gentle reminder that your body wants half its weight in ounces of pure clean water per day (e.g. if you weigh 130 lbs, drink 65 oz of water). Water flushes our bodies of toxins and sludge while keep our cells humming along beautifully. Our immune system is strong, our skin glows, and we have more energy. If you want extra body bonus points, add a couple drops of lemon essential oil to each glass of water for its cleansing and immune-boosting benefits. Plus it tastes good so it makes you want to hydrate more. (Public Service Safety Announcement: Do Not buy lemon oil from the healthfood store and drink it. Oils are unregulated, and I don't want to be responsible for you getting sick trying not to get sick. If you don't have a lemon oil you trust, email me and I will give you one to try). Added sparkly gold stars (because who doesn't love glitter) for starting your morning with a hot cup of water with lemon oil. Hot water is extra detoxifying after the cleansing that happens during sleep - think of how we wash our dishes in hot water for added grime-fighting power, same goes internally - and the warmth is totally in the Spirit of the season so it's energetically beneficial as well.
  4. Supplement. Because most of us have not mastered doing #1, #2, and #3 perfectly, we need #4. Here are my fave supps to get you through the season:
    • Probiotics - Gut health is the root of all nutrient absorption and therefore the one thing that powers every single downstream process in your body. And because the good bacteria help keep the baddies in check, probiotics are super important for immunity. Don't forget about your kids; they bring home extra nasty germs and are basically cute Petri dishes. I have a two year old so I am allowed to say that.
    • Multi-Vitamin - Please make sure your multi is all natural and food-based. If your pee is bright yellow-orange after a few days on your vitamin, it's a good sign it's a crappy absorber. Another way to tell if you are taking a real vitamin is to check to ensure it contains Folate or Methyl Folate (not Folic Acid). Folic Acid is the synthetic form of Folate.
    • Essential Oils - One blend in particular called OnGuard Protective Blend is fantastic for keeping your immune system strong when you take a couple drops once or twice a day. Because essential oils are natural and familiar to our bodies, they are able to penetrate cellular walls where seasonal threats live. Also, when you get that 'oh-no-it's-happening' scratchy feeling in the back of your throat, bring out the immune big guns: oregano, OnGuard, and melalueca combined in a shot of water repeated throughout the day (previous public service safety announcement reiterated here). Again, don't forget about your Petri dishes. I mean kids.
  5. Scan. A Zyto biofeedback scan will let us know exactly which areas of your body are weak and vulnerable so we can pump them up before the damage happens. I also have a powerful flu homeopathic that I can give you now if getting the flu later isn't your thing. I do remote scans too, so no excuses getting sick if you aren't in Denver. Scanning a minimum of once a year is a really good thing to do for your health. You can book your tune-up here. And if 'the crud' already got you, remember we can get you in, figure out what's up, and get you on the mend within the span of a 30-Minute Tune Up Appointment.

Take care of yourself this season. You deserve to stay strong and vital to fully live the life that only you can. Here's to glowing, shimmering, shining, and sparkly (because glitter, always glitter) YOU.