Focusing On and Enhancing What Serves You

By: Marla Tenney Friday May 1, 2020 comments

You've probably heard the saying, often attributed to Albert Einstein, that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So, if it’s important to avoid the things that are not working for you, the opposite is also true.

Focus on the things that do work for you. In order to attain your true potential, you need a strategy. It’s time to focus on what DOES work for you, makes you feel good, and to be intentional and create a plan.



Here are three areas you may want to focus on to enhance what does serve you so that you can achieve your full potential:


Healthy Food

Often during especially stressful times it is easy to give in to the path of least resistance, and end up eating overly-processed, fast food. It happens! 

One of the ways you can combat this is to focus on the high-quality, clean foods which will serve you best during trying times.  Very small changes can make a big difference.  I often advise people to think in the terms of good, better, best.  If you don't have the energy to make the best possible meal, just make a couple substitutions from good to better.  This could be choosing to substitute brown rice noodles instead of traditional spaghetti in your family's dinner.  Or possibly just add an additional serving of your family's favorite organic vegetable as a side dish to your meal.

If your current situation has afforded you additional time to meal prep, this is a great way to help support clean, healthy eating. If you can plan your meals a week or more in advance, you can have healthy options readily available.  If you are looking for additional ideas on how to clean up some of your favorite recipes, we can help.  Check out the recipe blogs of the website or send an email, we would love to help! 

If you feel that you don't really have the time and energy to do the planning, shopping and prepping, perhaps you should consider outsourcing to a healthy meal delivery service. Several of my clients have found that this is the best way for them to stay on track with a healthy diet!



It’s easy to say you’re going to focus on your emotions and what you can control, but it may be harder to put this into action. The reality is that some stress is actually healthy for you.

This is the feeling of adrenaline when something good is happening or when you are doing something challenging but positive, such as exercising. It can also be the catharsis you get from purging your negative emotions.

Perspective is a powerful tool in managing stress and big emotions.  If you are interested in how to re-frame your perspective, consider scheduling a Mindset Makeover appointment (which can be done remotely). This will allow you to use advanced biofeedback to shift your thought patterns and to move towards what is working better for you and away from what is not.



During these challenging times, many people are feeling isolated.  It is important to support our mental well-being by spending time with people who bring us joy.  Since it can be difficult to be physically together, video calls can be a good substitute.  It has been a blessing, through video calls with individuals and groups, to stay in touch with my family and friends which have uplifted my spirits.  I also have been able to conduct many remote client meetings, over the past weeks, which have allowed me to continue to serve and experience the joy I get from supporting others on their wellness journey.

It is important to assess and recognize the people in your life that uplift and support you as well as distinguish those that usurp you positive energy.  While we cannot always completely distance ourselves from the latter, we can choose to maximize our time with those that provide support, love and calming energy.  

If you are having difficulty distinguishing the people that bring you peace from those that drain your emotional reserves, you may want to consider a Mind Body coaching session: During these visits we will help you use a variety of methods and discussion to aid in greater understanding of how to heal and hone in on the specific issues that need addressing in your life that will give you the tools necessary to thrive.

Marla Tenney

About the Author: Marla Tenney

Marla is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and the owner of Shakti Whole Health.